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Learn What is Tagging and How Does It Work via Facebook Phone Number

To help customers in need, Facebook Phone Number provides quality Facebook Help, all the time. Privacy over social media is an important thing, especially for Facebook users. With the use of numerous safety features, you can easily make your account secure and immune against hacking. These settings are also important to keep unwanted elements out of your account. It’s very essential to learn privacy settings for your account before you begin working with it. You can go through many articles and blogs over the internet to get the detailed briefing of the services and facilities of Facebook. For better help, you can also contact Facebook Phone Number and take the assistance from the best available technicians. Let’s talk about some basic features of Facebook.

What is tagging and how does it work

Tagging is an option that allows you to directly attach someone to your post. If you tag a friend in your post then your friend will get a notification and that post will appear on his timeline. When you are in your privacy settings you can see ‘How tags work’ option. You should learn how to choose the best settings for you.

  1. Profile Review: If this feature is on, you have to approve whenever someone tags you in a picture. The tagging will be ‘pending’ until you approve it or ignore it.
  2. Tag Suggestions: If you turn on this feature then Facebook will automatically identify your image whenever a friend of yours posts an image. Facebook will suggest that friend to tag you in that image.
  3. Tagging From Places: Your friends can tag you with them when they check-in somewhere. You will be notified when tagged and you can remove the tag lately.
  4. Tag Review: This feature allows you to review any tag before it appears on your profile.
  5. Public Search: If you are accessible at the public search, anybody can find you on Facebook and can tag you with their posts by searching your name. You can disable this feature so that no one will be able to find you.
  6. Remove Tag: Removing a tag is very easy. Open any post you are tagged in, you can find the button saying ‘remove tag’ and you will be removed from the post instantly.

With the complete knowledge, you can use your account better. To enable or disable any of the above features click the ‘lock’ icon next to ‘Notifications’. Tap ‘See More Settings’ to get to the privacy settings