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Facing issues with Facebook Ad payment, ask help on facebook number

Facebook has now become a quick means to develop your image along with the image of the image of the business, brand or profession you are working for. Actually it has become an essential part of advertising because almost every 9 of the 10 people are present at facebook either to grow their business or simply socialize themselves.

To grow their business people run ad sets or campaigns on facebook. Facebook as a platform is quiet efficient but not 100% and even facebook don’t look to ensure it. We are a third party service provider of facebook services with a big team of highly qualified techies who are experienced enough to give you instant solution to every issue being encountered. You can contact our techies anytime you want by simply approaching us on the toll free facebook support phone number. We are observing hike in issues about facebook Ad payment that it is failing and other similar issues, so this article is to provide you simple solution to this problem.

Facebook ad payment failed? Ask help on facebook phone number

In the case the facebook Ad payment fails via the payment method you are utilizing to run ads, you can look for the below mentioned options:

  • At first ask your payment provider for help.
  • Go to payment settings and thereby add a new method of payment. Once you have added your new payment method, you can thereby pay your manually pay your balance & once it is paid if there are any active/ scheduled ads they will be allowed to run instantly.

In most of the case payment failures occur if the bank or payment provider encounters an issue in processing your payment.

In the case your ad payment has failed, we'll help you by:

  1. At first we will give a try by charging your primary payment method again.
  2. If it does not work, next we will try charging another payment method which you've set up on your facebook ad account.
  3. In the case all your payment methods fail, we won’t be helpful. In such case we will have to stop all the ads you're running unless your balance has been paid.

In the case your facebook ads are stopped/ hindered; you won’t be liable to receive any additional charges unless your pending balance is paid. If your ads are stopped, you won't receive any additional charges until your balance has been paid. At the point when your balance gets paid, we will help you resume any active or scheduled ads and endeavor to make up every time lost in this procedure to meet the actual campaign dates along with the budgets you’ve set.

Need more help?

In the case your issue is still not resolved; consult us at our facebook number anytime you want.